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Well, kids, it’s time for me to sail away into the Caribbean sunset – just wanted to remind you all that I will be off grid and therefore unreachable until August 27th 😉

If you call or email, I won’t be able to get back to you until at least the 27th…… probably the 28th realistically.    As a reminder, September and October get super booked for me, and I already have two events scheduled in September, so I won’t be booking any more events that month.  I do have limited availability for Senior and Family Portraits & Head Shots for those months, so if you want to get in during that time, I encourage you to email me today, or as soon as I return from vacation so we can get you in.

I’ll also be announcing my Fall Family Portrait specials (mini sessions designed for holiday cards, etc) in the first week of September, so lookout for that.

And for those of you who know me, yes…. I know I said I’d NEVER go on a cruise, but hey, it’s Disney… how can I say no?

I’ll leave you with some photos of where I’ll be for the next week!!   🙂

So excited!!!!






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