These sessions were SO crazy popular last year that I decided to bring them back!    I always hear from my senior clients how “lame” their school Prom photos are, and that just makes me sad!

I mean, you’re going through all this trouble – the hair, the makeup, the dress, the shoes….it’s a big deal!     Don’t skimp on the photos…you should look amazing in them!

And you will…. if I shoot your photos 😉

….because all of your images will be retouched to perfection, just like all my work!

Here’s a sampling of last year’s shoots:



aren’t they adorable?!!

Now, obviously, I can’t shoot everyone’s prom photos….it’s just lil’ ol’ me!

I’m going to give my 2013 clients first choice….because I love you guys 😉  I’m offering my services to everyone, but my clients will get first choice of time, etc.  Once I’m booked, I’m booked… sign up asap to book your slot.

{click that link and then scroll through to find your Prom date – click on it and it’ll walk you through process…..if you don’t see your Prom date listed, it’s either full or I don’t have it in my system so email me}


The best way to make this happen is to do it in groups ~ get together with a group of 5-10 couples and have me shoot your individual and couple, as well as group shots – and those best friend shots, and those “real moment” shots of you and your friends…..all of it.  If you know you’re going to be meeting at specific location for photos (ie. Tesoro, etc.) then we can do it there; or we can do it in someone’s yard, a nearby park, etc.  Natural light is the best, so we’ll plan to shoot outdoors.  (and pray for no rain)

You’ll receive the digital images…..yeah, I know – I never do that!  But you’re gonna want to put these up asap, so I’m going to dropbox you the images ….your professional quality, beautiful images that you are free to print and/or share online 🙂


So what’s this going to cost?

$60 per couple gets you all the non-watermarked, digital files I shoot of your group – payable on the day.  I can even swipe a credit card on the spot.  This includes group shots, individual, couple shots, friend shots, etc.  The more couples you have in your group, the more photos you will get.   If you have 10 couples, you will all get the same batch of photos I took of your group….ALL of them….so it’s better to book large groups like this!    For a group of 5 couples, expect up to, but not limited to, 40 or so images.  (For  groups of 10 couples, about double that.)  I’ll also put them online and you can purchase prints (or your parents can) if you like – but there is no obligation.  Your images will come with a copyright release for personal printing.

Fine Print:

  • You cannot sell the images to anyone else
  • Images are for personal use and printing only; no advertising
  • $60 is per couple.  You may share the images with your parents, but no one outside your family.  Each couple who participates in a group must purchase the files for $60.
  • One couple from each group must submit $60 as deposit to hold your spot; so their fee will be paid and they will not owe on the day of the event.  Just click on the scheduling button below.
  • I do not guarantee the quality of the printing unless I’m controlling it and printing with my professional labs.   If you bring your files to walmart and they look horrible, that’s because their equipment is less than professional quality, and I can’t guarantee that your prints will look as they should.   


That’s it!

All you need to do now is sign up HERE to reserve your spot!!  (and share this post with your friends of course!)  🙂


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